RV4molds: a Reverse Vaccinology pipeline for screening of potential vaccine candidates in molds.

Reverse Vaccinology is a computational approach where we start with the proteome and end up with the list of epitopes as potential vaccine candidates. RV4molds is an automated pipeline which has been designed to screen the potential vaccine candidates from the proteome of fungal pathogens. Input to the pipeline is the sequence file of proteins of the target fungi in FASTA format that are screened as per RV concept and as an output list of both T-cell and B-cell epitopes is obtained that are potential vaccine candidates. The introduced pipeline is intended for screening of proteome of fungal pathogens because other available pipelines are either for analysis of sequences of prokaryotic pathogens or if for eukaryotes are not incorporated with the tools that are chiefly for screening of fungal protein sequences. This pipeline will be an important discovery for saving of effort and time to screen the vaccine candidates for second step laboratory validations.

                                                                                                   Availability and Implementation:
For screening the input files can be uploaded from Url: (http://rv4molds.mdurtk.in/). The output will consist of two files. The first output file will contain the list of the screened proteins and the second file will include the list of epitopes of potential vaccine candidates from the filtered proteins.