RV4molds: a Reverse Vaccinology pipeline for screening of potential vaccine candidates in molds.

When a sequence file containing 9918 fasta sequences of A. fumigatus strain A1163 is provided as input to the server, then it is subjected to be screened with 8 different tools within the pipeline and 36 proteins were filtered that are excretory or membranous, contains the signal peptides and don't have more than 1 transmembrane helices. The filtered proteins should be adhesion proteins and must show homology to essential proteins or virulent proteins. But the filtered proteins must avoid homology to proteins of Homo sapiens.
The filtered proteins are then subjected to epitope predictions using OSDDLINUX to ultimately return you with a list of T-cell and B-cell epitopes.
The block diagram to explain the working of the pipeline is shown in the figure below.

The example Input file can be downloaded from here.
The example Output file 1 and file 2 can be downloaded from here.